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Is RnB Dead? Here at RnB Lives as the title suggests we don’t think so! However it has lost a lot of its main stream ability to penetrate radio, TV and mainstream consciousness. This is a tragic loss for the music industry as RnB & other Black music such as Hip-hop has been a driving force for creativity, change and social message within music for many decades.

There are many reasons for this decline such as the lack of radio play . It seems radio stations are intent on playing the same 12 poorly sung songs on repeat for months on end. We no longer value or judge artists on if they can actually Sing! We live in a world of auto-tune and computer generated sounds. The industry is more obsessed with image and looks than it is with talent.

While we cant change these prevailing winds there is still plenty of talent out their waiting discovery this website is a weekly blog to help show you where that talent is hidden away.

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Author: Jay SoulSinger, songwriter, producer and blogger.

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